Knowles was first with the local news

Gerald Hinton Knowles arrived in New Zealand with his wife Rosina in 1913 on the ship Ballarat. Almost 40 years later he would start Howick’s first post-war newspaper, the Howick District News: a source of all news related to councils, boards and clubs in the region, becoming, as Howick Historian Alan La Roche says, “the […]

Establishing the Howick Historical Village

The Historical Society began after a visit to Miss Emilia Maud Nixon by Dee Collings, Eileen Martensen and Alwyn Zellman. Miss Eileen Martensen and Alwyn Zellman. Miss Nixon had been the motivating force in preserving much of the history of Howick in her Garden of Memories, which she established over 30 years in honour of […]

We’re celebrating the passage of time

In the 175 years since the Fencible families arrived at Owairoa beach and built the village of Howick, many a reunion has been held: 1847: November 15 – arrival at Owairoa beach where two large hastily-thrown-together sheds awaited almost 700 people. Hardly a cause to celebrate. 1867: One of the more prominent Fencibles, James White […]

A collection of old photos of Howick and districts

A wonderful collection of old photos sourced from Howick Historical Village library by Joan Gill. Nathan’s Ostrich farm, Whitford                        Milk Collection C1900 Mattson Farm, C1872                                        […]

The Howick Village Historical Walk Map

Howick & Districts Historical Walk Around Auckland, By East Auckland Tourism, Annette Smart. The Howick Village Historical Walk takes about 2.5 hours at a leisurely pace. DOWNLOAD THE The Howick Village Historical Walk MAP