A wonderful collection of old photos sourced from Howick Historical Village library by Joan Gill.

Nathan’s Ostrich farm, Whitford                        Milk Collection C1900

Mattson Farm, C1872                                        Howick District High School footballers 1948

Howick DHS football teams 1948                 HDS sports team 1946

HDHS Tennis teams 1950                                HDHS Steeplechase winners 1950

HDHS Basketball team 1946                              HDHS A  Basketball team

haymaking, Ferguson’s farm, East Tamaki    Whitford Cricket Club, C1940

Tractor ploughing, C1920                                 Threshing wheat, Hawthorn Farm

Reaper & binder at Bell Farm, C1910            Pony & cart with children, C1928

Picton Street Post Office, C1900                      Pakuranga School rugby team, 1935

Pakuranga Cricket Club C1886                       Cattle on Buckland Farm

1975 re-enactment with ‘early settlers’ being rowed ashore, Howick Beach.