We’re celebrating the passage of time

In the 175 years since the Fencible families arrived at Owairoa beach and built the village of Howick, many a reunion has been held: 1847: November 15 – arrival at Owairoa beach where two large hastily-thrown-together sheds awaited almost 700 people. Hardly a cause to celebrate. 1867: One of the more prominent Fencibles, James White […]

The history of the Howick Marine Hotel

The large wooden Howick Marine Hotel was accidentally burned down when a guest did not realise that you had to turn-off the electrical appliance when the ironing was finished. Electricity had just arrived in Howick in 1925. The bell at All Saints Church was rung as an alarm to arouse residents to help man the […]

Alan La Roche, his history, on video

Alan La Roche and Phil Taylor chat as the cameras roll in the historic wooden Anglican church chapel, circa 1847, in the grounds of All Saints in Howick Village. Photo: Dion Edwards / Digital Mix Extraordinary life of Howick Historian and ultimate community servant captured for posterity The Howick & Districts Historical Society has produced […]

Books to research Howick history

Alan La Roche was born at his family home in Paparoa Road in Howick at the end of the 1930s, and from an early age when he could, he’s done something for our East Auckland community every day of his life. Born into a family that was very community oriented and civic minded, Alan was […]