Rev Dr Richard Waugh, Chairman of Howick & Districts 175th Anniversary 1847 to 2022 Committee.

Each of us has a story to tell of how we came to this eastern part of Auckland and, since 2010, the Howick Ward area of Auckland Council.

In fact Howick is the second largest of 13 wards across the city. Demographic information tells us about half of our ward’s adult population was born overseas and over the years many of us have come here from other parts of New Zealand. The Howick & Districts 175 anniversary year is an ideal time to recall all our stories of arrival, settling in, and enjoying the appealing ambience of this area.

For my wife Jane and me, we have always appreciated the many blessings of this community, our children attended local schools and when we moved here 28 years ago, for Jane it was a certain ‘coming home’. Her great-grandparents had settled in Howick and began the first post-war community newspaper. Much later, an aunt, Barbara Haszard, was a chairperson of the Howick Community Board. I encourage you to think of the people, schools, churches and organisations that have been influential and helpful in your lives. I am sure we all relish our eastern beaches, beautiful views, ferry rides and excellent community amenities.

As we fast approach the highlight times of our 175th anniversary year, we thank the Howick Local Board for their vital financial support for our planning work and wish the very best for the newly-elected board members. Our new councillors and Members of Parliament are also supportive of the 175 events.

Do visit our events page which this week tells you about the upcoming Village HOP event, an interesting exhibition at the Polish Museum in Elliot Street, and a special organ recital at the historic 1847 All Saints Church – built for the Fencible settlers – and now the oldest building in our eastern area.

These are exciting days.

Rev Dr Richard Waugh is Chairman of Howick & Districts 175th Anniversary 1847 to 2022 Committee.