– By Ruth St George, 80, now of Te Puke

My early life was spent on a little farm at Matatoki near Thames.

It was exciting to go to Howick where Grandma and Grandad Knowles lived, to see Aunty Effie’s wedding in July 1951.

The journey took us over the humpy bridge at Kopu, then to wait for the ferry at Pipiroa.

Then there was the long boring road trip to Howick, trying to be the first to see the tiny stone church on the hill that meant we were getting close.

Excitement at seeing family and tea and bed at Uncle Jack and Aunty Vi’s house in the main street of Howick.

Only to be wakened to, “Mary, where are my suit pants?” my Dad’s voice startling me awake.

“In with the jacket” Mother replied. “No, they are not here.” Then all sorts of talk from all the adults.

Then Uncle Jack said he thought the policeman had similar ones. More talk and peace.

So that is how my father wore the policeman’s trousers to beautiful Ethel Knowles’ wedding to Ray Shaw at All Saints Church where Grandma often was the organist.

Walking into the old church it still smells the same and brings memories of sitting near as Grandma played on the occasions we stayed there.