Contributions from 20 September – 2 November

Tell us about what makes Howick so special to you 20 September – 2 November (contribution time)

The Howick’s Museum of Meaningful Moments is a place where people of all ages and from all walks of life are invited to contribute. It enables shared experiences, observations, insights, and stories through photos, audio, artwork, or something else entirely.

People are invited to share small, meaningful stories about their favourite place in Howick
People have opportunity to slow down, reflect and tell us about a fond memory they have of Howick.

People can give us examples of Howick’s community spirit.

Below are the three interactive methods at UXBRIDGE we will use for gathering these stories.


This is a space that offers a private moment to reflect. A telephone box with a dial phone in it that when picked up records anonymous voice messages in response to a prompt above.

2. The MMM Post-box

That collects your pictures and postcard responses. Join in by responding to one of the prompts above and sharing a personal moment, thought, or experience with us.

3. Take a photo, create a drawing, or write a poem,

Tell us the story behind it and email it or pop it in the MMM Post-Box.

When the Howick MMM closes, the audio stories are transcribed and combined with the written and illustrated stories and shared through an online exhibition and archive space created and curated by Good Health Design, AUT School of Art and Design.

The collection of stories is shared with UXBRIDGE and all our community through posters, online viewing etc.

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Contributions from 20 September – 2 November

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