This year marks the 175th anniversary of Howick and Pakuranga and districts which presents a wonderful opportunity to feature people in the area and their memories of their past. Featured today is Ethan McCormick who is also an Ambassador for the Howick 175th anniversary

Ethan McCormick. Photo supplied

I have spent my childhood and teenage years in Howick and have attended schools in the area. I graduated from Howick College in 2020.

I have always been fascinated by the history of our area and seem to constantly be learning new things about it. We are fortunate that much of this history has been preserved in places like the Howick Historical Village.

There are some incredible stories from Howick and Pakuranga – many of which are not widely known. I became an ambassador because I wanted to spread the word about this unique history.

Howick and Pakuranga is a unique part of New Zealand. It is home to a diversity of people, stories and places. Despite the area undergoing rapid change from a small town to a large urban area in recent decades, it still retains that tight-knit community atmosphere.

Howick and Pakuranga has many incredible stories but there is one that really stands out for me. When the Fencibles landed at Howick Beach in 1847 they were amazed by the chorus of bellbirds that greeted them every morning at dawn.

The bellbirds died out from disease in the 1860s but, nonetheless, it’s an incredible story about what Howick and Pakuranga was like in the past. Perhaps it’s a glimpse into what the area could again be like in the future.