This year marks the 175th anniversary of the European settlement of Howick with the arrival of The Fencibles on Howick Beach on November 15, 1847.

The 175th anniversary committee has been working to ensure this occasion receives due recognition. They have had to work in challenging times due to disruptions from Covid-19 and other issues.

The Howick Village Association is working with this committee and some of our planned activities/events in the months and weeks leading up to November 15 will recognise this anniversary.

A quick summary of the Howick Village Association planned activities:


These activities are all dependent on public health conditions with Covid-19 at the time. We envisage that the week leading up to the Christmas Fair on Friday November 18, which includes the actual anniversary day (Tuesday 15) will see activities in Howick Village involving the Howick businesses.

So, the coming months will see a lot happening in your village and we hope you will join us in celebrating this significant milestone in Howick and districts’ history.

Ken Scott, Chair, Howick Village Association Inc.

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