This year marks the 175th anniversary of Howick and Pakuranga and districts which presents a wonderful opportunity to feature people in the area and their memories of their past. This is the story of long-term local Ian Rodger who is also an Ambassador for the Howick 175th anniversary.

While I was born in Wellington, most of my family was in Auckland and we moved into Uxbridge Road in 1972 – 50 years ago.

Having graduated from what was Massey Agricultural College in those days, I spent my working life in the agricultural industry.

My wife and I leased farmland on Botany Road between the Howick Pony Club and the Pakuranga Golf course.

We grazed pony club horses and cattle and we grew pick-your-own sweet-corn.

I sent the last cattle away in 1992.

I remember my daughter Kate riding her horse up Botany Road through Howick Village and down to our home in Uxbridge Road for lunch – not so easy today!

I remember all the children heading down to Howick Beach after school, sailing P-Class and OK racing dinghies, joining up with friends and family and the fun times that we had.

A wonderful place to bring up a family.

Where else would you want to live?

While the area has become much more covered in houses than it was (and good agriculture land it is!), it still retains the Howick Village feel as do the beaches of yester-year.

To come home over the crest of Stockade Hill and to see that fabulous view over the waters of the Waitemata, a view that welcomes you home, and to your family and friends.

I do want to acknowledge the very good reminder of Howick’s history as told by our very well-known and well run Howick Historical Village in Lloyd Elsmore Park.

While I am now retired, I continue my agricultural interests, the Rotary Club of Half Moon Bay, the establishment of the Howick Community Menzshed (in the Howick Historical Village) and I am on the committee organising the Howick 175th Howick Beach Picnic (November 12, 2022) which will be a great event – you must come.