Rev John Wesley (1703-1791)

Wesleyan/Methodist Historical Tour

Sunday 14th August 2022

All welcome Escorted by Rev Dr Richard Waugh QSM (President of the World Methodist Historical Society) and Alan La Roche MBE (Howick Historian).

This special tour in Howick & districts 175th anniversary year of historic Wesleyan/Methodist sites in Howick and Pakuranga includes a forgotten Pakuranga cemetery unknown to most passers-by and a visit to one of the oldest surviving church buildings in the Wesleyan/Methodist tradition in Aotearoa New Zealand.

1.30pm: Meet at Fencible Walk (110 Picton Street), site of the first Wesleyan Methodist church building, erected in 1852. This was the time of Wesleyan Methodist beginnings in East Auckland, together with local services by the Primitive Methodist Church.

2.45pm: Visit Howick Historical Village (discounted entry fee of $11 per person) to visit the historic 1852 Wesleyan Methodist chapel (among the oldest buildings in East Auckland). Sing some favourite hymns by Charles Wesley (accompanied by pedal harmonium) and with thanksgiving prayers.

2.15pm: Gather at old Wesleyan Methodist Cemetery at 337a Pakuranga Road (park around corner in Gossamer Drive and walk back to cemetery). It was here in 1866 that the Howick church building was relocated, and the cemetery subsequently established. Inspect the graves and note the names of some early Pakuranga pioneer farming families. The historic chapel was moved again in 1977 to the nearby Howick Historical Village.

3.30pm: Afternoon Tea at the Homestead Café.

Thank you for supporting this Howick 175 registered event. Please see the website for more information and events calendar: Do note the visit to St Johns Theological College (202 St Johns Road, Meadowbank) on 29 October for a community picnic and tour of the historic buildings (12.30pm). The first Fencible families were welcomed to Auckland at the college in October 1847, before they were landed at Howick Beach. Note also the 175 ecumenical combined churches service at All Saints Anglican Church on Saturday 12 November (3.30pm). All welcome.

Another ‘forgotten’ Methodist cemetery is the Flatbush Methodist Cemetery at 169 Chapel Road. Opened in 1882, closed in 1975, with surplus land sold about 2015. Walk up the narrow grass access path from the new footpath to see the graves, surrounded by new apartment housing. Not far away is the historic St Johns Church at Hampton Park 328 East Tamaki Road, opened in 1862 by Rev Gideon Smales (an early Wesleyan missionary), who later bequeathed the church and land jointly to the Anglican and Methodist Churches. Services are still held every month.

Churches in the Methodist/Wesleyan tradition in Howick/Pakuranga/Botany are: Trinity Methodist 474 Pakuranga Road (building opened 1963), St John’s Cooperating Parish Bucklands Beach 245 Bucklands Beach Road (building opened 1975), East City Wesleyan Church Centre 219 Burswood Drive Botany (est 2000, building opened 2008), Saioni Wesleyan Fiji Church meeting at East City Wesleyan Church Centre (est 2000), cession|community Church, The Depot Lloyd Elsmore Park (est 2004), Auckland Fiji Methodist Circuit – Meadowlands Church 128 Whitford Road (building opened 2002, Fiji congregation since about 2015). Wesleyan heritage and theology also influences the Salvation Army and Pentecostalism.

Sunday 14th August 2022 from 1:30pm

Starting at Fencible Walk (110 Picton Street)

Howick Historical Village visit - discounted entry fee of $11 per person