Howick’s Concrete Road

The following article appeared in the NZ Herald on 10/8/2005 and the proof of these claims can still be seen on the centre strip of concrete on Ridge Road. “Road builders here will soon follow those in Europe and Australia and build concrete roads,” says Fletcher Building chief executive Ralph Waters. “This country will soon […]

Establishing the Howick Historical Village

The Historical Society began after a visit to Miss Emilia Maud Nixon by Dee Collings, Eileen Martensen and Alwyn Zellman. Miss Eileen Martensen and Alwyn Zellman. Miss Nixon had been the motivating force in preserving much of the history of Howick in her Garden of Memories, which she established over 30 years in honour of […]

A collection of old photos of Howick and districts

A wonderful collection of old photos sourced from Howick Historical Village library by Joan Gill. Nathan’s Ostrich farm, Whitford                        Milk Collection C1900 Mattson Farm, C1872                                        […]