A stunning aerial photograph of Howick by Neill Castles has been presented to Howick Local Board for its support of the Howick 175th Anniversary Charitable Trust.

Trust volunteers Marin Burgess, Richard Waugh and Philippa McGimpsey attended the board’s April meeting to provide an insight into the 175th Anniversary events and to formally acknowledge the board’s support with the gift.

Waugh told board members that hundreds of people had devoted thousands of hours to supporting commemorations, with the reward being seeing the massive positive response to events marking the 175th anniversary day of the first Fencible arrival in the area.

“A lot of people are better informed about our history, especially our younger people,” he says.

“There are events ongoing throughout the year and one of the most satisfying things has been involving newer communities and encouraging them to tell their stories, which are also an important part of our rich history.”

Burgess says the board’s support, and that of the area’s four local libraries, was invaluable. “They have been an integral part of telling the Howick story and helping us all better understand our unique history and identity.”

  Trust volunteer Marin Burgess (holding picture) with Howick Local Board Chair, Damian Light.

The group’s Howick175.co.nz website proved so successful in not only promoting events but collecting the stories of locals that it will continue, being passed on to the stewardship of the Howick Historic Village.

Local Board chair Damian Light says the gift – presented in a form that will allow it to be prominently displayed – was part of the legacy that the group had created for Howick.

“We’re very thankful for the hard work of the many volunteers involved who worked to bring the history of the area to life. They have certainly set the bar high for the next anniversary.

“The website alone is a treasure trove of articles, personal stories, photographs, historical information and video. The events have brought together thousands of people and that’s been hugely welcome after years of uncertainty and disruption.

“As a board we salute everyone who contributed to making the 175th commemorations what they were.”

Source: https://ourauckland.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/